Why work with T-Space™?

It would be a good idea to talk with T-Space if you have:

  • Teamworking difficulties which may be causing distraction from work
  • Significant organisational change on the horizon
  • A new strategic direction arising within a department or team
  • Interdepartmental work process blockages which may be people orientated
  • Interaction issues in groups which may be negatively impacting on productivity
  • A pending acquisition or merger generating a need to fuse cultures

T-Space provides practical support through:

  • Facilitating group learning from individual to organisational level
  • Using group process to generate in-depth understanding of interactions
  • Creating the conditions to safely surface and resolve hidden team issues
  • Appreciating group dynamics to facilitate collective learning
  • Stimulating alignment of individual and organisational goals
  • Encouraging positive connections through open & honest discussion

We use our expert understanding of group processes and individual behaviours to generate powerful group dynamics and surface any hidden issues. By working through this process we can resolve any issues that may be distracting teams and impacting business performance, especially during periods of organisational change.

We help to realign individual and organisational goals, renew clarity of role and generate positive commitment to the overall goal. Individual and teams better understand how to collaborate effectively and enable the organisation to perform better. Only through the individual transformation of its people can the business then transform and continue to develop as a result of the collective knowledge and group learning it has acquired. 

At T-Space we understand the importance of people within organisations and the vital role they play in the achievement of mission goals. Business transformation happens through its people and having the right structures in place to support them to relate and connect as productively as is possible.

As experts in group processes and individual behaviours we work with people to discover what is holding back the true potential of the individual and the business. Working through our own custom designed T-Space™ process we generate powerful group dynamics which can surface any latent issues and resolve them collaboratively.

The work we have done with T-Space has been essential in assisting our company through a significant process of change, which has resulted in stronger team & customer relationships and better productivity.
— Sales Director, Global Pharmaceutical Affiliate

How do we know it works?

T-Space applies measures at all stages of the developmental process, so that you can be confident that you will see the results.

We measure the impact of our learning via 5 key methods and can design the most appropriate measurement system to meet your development objectives: -

  • Post-group workshop feedback & key themes – for input to stakeholders and feedback loops
  • Pre-Post group perspectives – bespoke & anonymous rated statements to define felt progress
  • Behavioural learning transfer – via our Promote learning transfer platform, involving managers/coaches in the process
  • 360 Survey feedback pre & post – either 1-1 or online
  • Relational Coordination (Gittell 2000) – we hold a licence to apply the academically grounded pre-post RC metric within groups, depts. or organisations.