How Does T-Space™ Work

We begin by identifying and working with stakeholders and appropriate focus groups leadership teams  to establish clear goals and direction for the intended development, and to understand the gaps or challenges faced by the organisation. We then work together to map out an action learning T-Space schedule to address the goals, define the T-Groups as appropriate, and agree the norms and productive ways of working. Then on a regular basis, usually once every 3-4 weeks, we run T-Group Sessions to address these real challenges, whilst also stimulating conceptual & practical learning at a personal, group and organisational level.


The T-Space™ process


T-Space ™ offers forward-thinking spaces to drive transformation:

Learning Space

T-Space™ Group is a safe space where there is time to reflect, be open and honest, gain self insights, learn from other people’s differences, resolve issues and build authentic connections and powerful relationships. Individuals develop a much more refined awareness of their impact on others and of the patterned nature of their interactions with colleagues and gain a wide set of options and choices for how to respond to situations in the future. The T-Space™ group is a very rich personal and professional learning space.


Thinking Space

We bring the business issues directly into the T-Space™ groups to transfer the learning for deep consideration and reflection. The group becomes the ‘thinking space’ for collective wisdom, trialling and modelling of behaviours and skills, all based on real live business scenarios.


Innovative Space

The T-Space™ group is an ‘innovative space’. Innovation starts at the top, with leaders who provide strong direction and establish an organisational climate that encourages innovation. That not only means they support their people, but also that they enable staff to work without fear of failure. The T-Space™ group is a safe space for talented people to air creative thinking and ideas and get a collective feedback which can really accelerate transformations in the business.


Transformative Space

The group energy is felt individually and is systematically directed towards learning how to achieve the strategic goals. Our structured feedback loops allow the organisation to gain an in depth knowledge of its working system and culture. Previously unfathomable problems become clearer and ideas become future plans. The T-Space™ group becomes the space where learning is embedded and evokes a shift in personal consciousness and this is felt throughout the organisation. Third order transformative learning is delivered to the heart of the organisation.


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