How is T-Space™ different?


T-Space™ coaches participants how to communicate in a more direct and genuine way and enables them to learn from their own experiences.


The essence of T-Space is our focus on relational practice and encouraging participants to develop their professional relationships in order to impact their organisation.

Action Learning

Through our action learning agenda, T-Space™ creates a shift in consciousness and delivers third order transformative learning to the heart of the organisation.


We can and do apply a range of individual, group and organisational measures within a pre-post process so that learning progress can be monitored and behavioural shifts identified.


The knowledge and learning acquired through the process is transferred to the organisation and developed through a leadership team armed with the emotional and analytical skills to drive ongoing changes in the organisation.


Skilled facilitators support individuals and groups to grow confidence and become safe enough to surface the latent, unspoken issues which can in turn be safely considered in organisational feedback loops.


The responsive people-driven T-Space methodology has been proven across many sectors – Financial Services, Public Service, Airlines, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and Software, to name a few. 

T-Space™ has given us time to think and allowed us to challenge the status quo, innovate and expand our reasoning around traditional Leadership & Management culture.’
— Director and Company Secretary, Public Auditing Body

T-Space™ accelerates teams in bridging the gap between what is happening in the organisation and where the organisation needs to be strategically. By bringing clarity of role and a growing commitment to the overall goal, individuals and teams appreciate how to partner and collaborate to deliver and sustain an organisation’s performance. We use our understanding of group processes and individual behaviours to generate powerful group dynamics and surface any latent issues which can distract teams and affect business performance during periods of organisational change.

We partner with our client organisations to address any blockages and focus on real live problems.