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Exceeding Expectations: The Principles of Outstanding Leadership

By Penny Tamkin, Gemma Pearson, Wendy Hirsh & Susannah Constable (2010)

This major research project by The Work Foundation in the U.K. published in 2010 set out to explore in depth beliefs and practices of outstanding leaders to test and bring new dimensions to the world of Leadership theory. The two-year qualitative study captured in the full report Exceeding Expectations:The Principles of Outstanding Leadership shows that outstanding leaders combine a drive for high performance with an almost obsessive focus on people as the means of achieving this. What is striking is that the research has uncovered clear differences between good and outstanding leadership. There is new evidence to support a systemic people centred approach to high performance leadership. This is a paradigm shift for most leaders who remain focused on the numbers and has implications for all organisations seeking to improve their performance.

The Three Principles of Outstanding Leadership

They think and act systemically: they see things as a whole rather than compartmentaliseThey see people as the route to performance: they are deeply people and relationship centred rather than just people orientedThey are self confident without being arrogant: self awareness is one of their fundamental attributes.