T-Space Promote-s Positive Behaviour Change

Recently T-Space has teamed up with Promote International to become an international licensee of their ground-breaking online learning transfer platform. As a result, T-Space now offers a versatile and practical online solution to most fully support learning transfer from T-Space workshops into the workplace. Applications of Promote with our valued customers are already showing strong benefits in transfer of learning on subjects such as Collaboration, Relational Leadership and Connectedness.

Research on training outcomes shows that, on average, only one out of six of participants in classroom learning delivers value into the workplace following a training, whilst the other five struggle to apply learnings and fail to create results for the organization. As a result, the full value of a training program is usually difficult to realise. The good news is that this can be fixed by using an experiential, relational and behaviourally focused training process in conjunction with a system that releases your employees’ hidden learning potential into the workplace.

Together T-Space and Promote efficiently deliver this full value learning investment option. All T-Space programmes are highly experiential, supporting participants to learn by feeling and doing in a highly relational space. We also deliver T-Space programmes in frequent and defined timeslots to generate comfort with new behavioural processes and we always dynamically develop our client programmes to align with their business needs as they proceed.

Promote perfectly complement T-Space relational learning activity with a systemised process within which to complete pre/post workshop activities, connect productively with co-participants and generate energised peer learning. The Promote platform also monitors activity, encourages effective coaching support and offers innovative space for group work. As a result 96% of participants engage in best practice peer discussions on their learning subject and 91% actively engage their managers in goal setting around learning tasks. In summary, 86% apply their learning in the workplace leading to value creation and business results on average 4 times higher than the average training programme.

Jonathan Dart of Promote said ‘We are delighted to have T-Space come on board with us. Their relational training philosophy provides an excellent learning basis to connect with the Promote platform to effectively deliver interactional learning value to the workplace.”

“We are very excited to connect with the Promote platform to further support our learning journeys with customers.” said Karen Gray of T-Space. “Relational learning hinges on behaviour change, and with Promote we can be further assured that we are delivering full value in relational training investment.”