Driving Relational Research

T-Space are delighted to announce that from October 2016 one of their Directors, Karen Gray, will be undertaking a Research Doctorate on behalf of the organisation. She will study the D10D programme ‘Consultation and the Organisation’ with The Tavistock and Portman Clinic in London, and will research alongside other senior Organisational Development role-holders in public service, healthcare and private companies.

This intense learning experience applies a systems psychodynamic perspective and will provide a unique opportunity to fully investigate and document the ‘how’ and best practice of supporting positive organisational transformation. Karen will study leadership & management teams and research the processes by which they can best support their organisations to drive significant change programmes and optimise organisational well-being. Her specific interest lies in documenting, deconstructing and quantifying the relational practice employed at leadership and management levels to engage and motivate successful transformation.

True to form with her scientific background, Karen will aim to employ appropriate measures of relational quality in her leadership transformation research. Alongside her practice-based qualitative findings, she will also be targeting correlations of productivity increase with enhanced leadership connectedness.

Karen commented “I’m delighted to be taking this important developmental step alongside T-Space. Being now based just North of London places me within a stone’s throw of the Tavistock and allows me to fully step into this valuable opportunity to drive further knowledge within the systems psychodynamic field of research and practice.”

Regular updates on Karen's doctorate research progress and learning extracts will be made available through the T-Space website - www.tspace.org.