T-Space™ Testimonials

‘ T-Space transformed our organisation from one with difficult team dynamics to an open and supportive environment. They continue to be my “Go To” organisation for team development and coaching. I can’t recommend them enough.’
— Director, Global Medical Device Manufacturer

‘ T -Space has made a real difference with regard to how we have managed some major challenges in our organization. Through their group coaching methodology we have transformed our Leadership and Management styles and generated conversations with our teams that otherwise might have been too sensitive to raise. ….

The work we have done together has been essential in assisting our company through a significant process of change, which has resulted in stronger team & customer relationships and better productivity.

— Sales Director, Global Pharmaceutical Affiliate

‘ T-Space has been working with us over the past 18 months as we have evolved and developed our Leadership and Management culture. As an organisation we have emerged with a much more heightened awareness of our impact on each other and have gained skills necessary to build better relationships with the individuals in our teams & our customers. Time to think has allowed us to challenge the status quo, innovate and expand our reasoning around traditional Leadership & Management culture.’
— Director and Company Secretary, Public Auditing Body

‘ Their unique group coaching methodology based on Relational practice, created a space to think and to connect and learn from each other while dealing with real organisational issues within the group. The group now have a much more heightened self awareness of their impact on others and they have gained skills necessary to build better relationships with the individuals in their teams thus supporting better performance.’

— Site Human Resources Leader, Global Vision Correction Company