What is T-Space™?

T-Space™ is a safe group coaching space that encourages collaboration, support and learning.

As coaches we are passionate about enabling people and organisations to become more productive - so passionate that we have designed our own methodology ­- T-Space™.

Developed in 2009 when Karen Gray was working with groups of public service staff during the challenging post-recession period. The T-Space process revealed organisational blockages, generated feedback loops and revitalised group dynamics. The process demonstrated that organisations can only fully support their customers, if they can support themselves internally in the first place. In essence, strong customer relationships start with the practicing of excellent relations internally.

Our expert facilitators leads people and teams to open up, speak freely, listen without defence and mindfully respond. Through this process of honesty real partnership is built leading to collaboration, innovation and sustained business results.

Background to T-Space

The T-Space methodology is founded on the concept of T-Groups (Lewin 1946), a powerful social learning technique which was trialled and created at NTL in the late 1940s. The U.S. Ivy League universities the took the T-Groups idea further forward in the 1950’s to help professionals such as the Medical and Law Faculty students to develop authentic and productive relationships. Even now, the interpersonal dynamics programme at Stanford is one of the most subscribed executive learning modules.

The T-Space model is also based upon the process of Organisational Supervision Groups (Copeland 2005). T-Groups were also influential in creating the therapeutic model of group supervision which originated in the clinical/caring professions in the 1980’s, as a method of upholding and enhancing professional practice. Copeland’s model of Organisational Supervision is a relatively new concept applying models of professional group supervision to facilitate significant organisational development.