T-Space™ is a leading edge organisational coaching consultancy that brings about change in organisations through their people.

We combine strong psychological backgrounds with in-depth organisational experience to bring the unique power of T-Space™ into your organisation.

We work with our own custom designed organisational development methodology T-Space™ to create and support authentic conversations that have lasting impact.

Through focusing on relational practice we have significantly improved both the wellbeing and productivity of people and organisations.

“T-Space transformed our organisation from one with difficult team dynamics to an open and supportive environment. They continue to be my “Go To” organisation for team development and coaching. I can’t recommend them enough.”

- Director, Global Medical Device Manufacturer

“The work we have done with T-Space has been essential in assisting our company through a significant process of change, which has resulted in stronger team & customer relationships and better productivity.”

- Sales Director, Global Pharmaceutical Affiliate

“T-Space has made a real difference with regard to how we have managed some major challenges in our organization. Through their group coaching methodology we have transformed our Leadership and Management styles and generated conversations with our teams that otherwise might have been too sensitive to raise.”

- Sales Director, Global Pharmaceutical Affiliate

Since our founding in Dublin in 2010, we have partnered with leading Irish organisations to support them in rethinking traditional concepts of leadership and management.

In 2016, we extended our T-Space™ offering to support UK corporates through the opening of our London office. Today, we offer transformative spaces and support to leading-edge organisations on a global scale, both in-person and via online connections.

All our corporate partners have emerged with new learning and relational understanding to deliver increased productivity and overall enhancement of well-being.


The T-Space™ Methodology

Our innovative T-Space™ approach merges sound academic principles with leading-edge organisational research and our own deep corporate coaching experience to create a powerful and versatile method of activating organisational transformation.

The T-Space methodology is founded on two developmental concepts - T-Groups (Lewin 1946) and Organisational Supervision Groups (Copeland 2005) to generate a safe group coaching space encouraging collaboration, support and learning directed towards the goal of organisational transformation.

How can we help?

T-Space™ can directly support you as a Corporate Leader if you are experiencing:

  • Role/department outputs being limited by teamworking difficulties
  • An organisational culture which is negatively impacting productivity
  • Interdepartmental work process blockages which seem people-related
  • A need to fuse cultures due to acquisition or merger

Practical support offered

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