Organisational Coaching

T-Space offers coaching at both individual and organisation levels to support Leaders and Managers to achieve performance goals, advance productivity and develop culture.

‘No man is an island ‘John Donne's poem, is about the connection between all of humankind. Donne essentially argues that people need each other and are better together than they are in isolation, because every individual is one piece of the greater whole. So too in organisations, each person impacts on the organisation and the organisation impacts them. Considering the organisation as ‘a human system’ in the process of developing itself, supports leaders to examine how the organising is taking place and  how the organisation’s primary task is being achieved.

Just as we support Leaders through 1-1 Coaching to utilise their natural talents, so too can the organisation-as-a whole benefit from the coaching process. This isn’t simply starting with the most senior team and cascading down in a very traditional sense.  We work across the organisational system, seeking development without the need to reinforce the hierarchical cascade.  We might typically focus on one particular team whilst being aware of wider systemic tensions and dynamics.





Organisational Coaching interventions develop  ‘systems thinking’ in its participants.

The group itself becomes a microcosm of the organisational environment, and that individual and group performance improves due to the broader awareness, alignment and accountability achieved through the process of dialogue with others. (Schein 2003)

Three key elements of our Organisational Coaching:

  • Developing relational understanding between people
  • Creating an innovative and safe space to develop together
  • Confidential and Supportive Feedback Loops to the organisation

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