The T-Space™ Methodology

As coaches we are passionate about enabling people and organisations to become more productive - so passionate that we have designed our own methodology - T-Space™.

Our innovative T-SpaceTM approach developed through the merging of sound academic principles with leading-edge organisational research and our own deep corporate coaching experience to create a powerful and versatile method of activating organisational transformation.

The T-Space™ methodology is founded on two developmental concepts - T-Groups (Lewin 1946) and Organisational Supervision Groups (Copeland 2005). T-Groups are a powerful social learning technique which was trialled and created at NTL in the late 1940s to support Medical and Law professionals in developing authentic and productive patient/client relationships.

T-Groups were also influential in creating the therapeutic model of group supervision in the 1980s as a method of upholding and enhancing professional practice.

Later, in formulating the concept of Organisational Supervision, Copeland demonstrated how group-based supervision practice in organisations could lead to significant developments within the organisational system.

Our expert T-Space™ facilitators lead people and teams to open up, speak freely, listen without defence and mindfully respond. Through this honesty-building process real colleague partnerships are generated leading to collaboration, innovation and sustained business results. T-Space™ generates a safe group coaching space that encourages collaboration, support and learning directed towards the goal of organisational transformation.

How can we help

As a CEO, COO, HR or OD Director, T-Space can help.

T-Space applies measures at all stages of the developmental process, so that you can be confident that you will see the results. We will select and design the most appropriate evaluation method to meet your development objectives.

“T-Space transformed our organisation from one with difficult team dynamics to an open and supportive environment. They continue to be my “Go To” organisation for team development and coaching. I can’t recommend them enough.”

- Director, Global Medical Device Manufacturer

“T Space delivered a fantastic two day module for our cohort of senior leaders around Relationship Building and Partnerships. They really took the time to understand our objectives and design the workshop accordingly. The feedback we have received following the module has been brilliant and we look forward to working with T Space in the future”

- Major Events Officer, Public Sector Sports Organisation

“T -Space has made a real difference with regard to how we have managed some major challenges in our organization. Through their group coaching methodology we have transformed our Leadership and Management styles and generated conversations with our teams that otherwise might have been too sensitive to raise.”

- Sales Director, Global Pharmaceutical Affiliate

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